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Writing services for B2B SaaS and marketing businesses that want to turn visitors into paying customers.

How? I do two things.

Blog writing – There’s some great content, lots of good content and even more bad content.

What’s bad content?

Content that says nothing, means nothing and does nothing.

Don’t let your business waste time and money.

I write articles that speak to your audience. Provides value. And incites them to act.

I will:

  • Use my marketing knowledge to create SEO-optimised content
  • Scour the web for what’s ranking, trending and shared to make your content relevant
  • Pitch blog post ideas based on your marketing strategy
  • Write killer headlines designed to drive social engagement

I will reach your readers through the voice of your brand to drive results and win you customers.

The other thing I do is:


Let me ask:

Do you want copy that reaches out and caresses your cheek as it seduces you with its sweet, supple words?

How about writing that sings, beckons and harmonises with your customer’s soul-song?

Yeah, me either.

That’s stupid.

You want writing that entices your readers to keep reading, not roll their eyes and hit the “back” button.

You want writing that persuades your reader to click, sign-up and buy.

You want good, effective copy – not vapid cliches.

Good copywriting should:

  • Communicate the value proposition of your product or service
  • Garner higher CTR through email campaigns
  • Drive engagement on social media
  • Convert. 

That’s what you want. That’s how I write.

(But if you liked that “soul-song” nonsense — I can do that too).

Ready to get started?