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Attract Visitors to Your Site and Convert Them to Leads

Good content = Higher CTR = More traffic = More business. Simple.

Build Brand Awareness and Authority

Don’t tell your audience you’re the best. Show them — with your words.

Save Time and Money

Don’t have enough time or resources to write the kind of content your target audience demands? You don’t have to do it all yourself. 

Hi, I’m Andy. Freelance writer. 

I specialise in B2B SaaS and digital marketing.

Everything you just read — I wrote that. 

Wondering why you should hire me (aside from all that good stuff)?

I know things and when I don’t, I do research. Lots and lots of research.

But Andy, ANYONE can do research!, I hear you say.

And yet, so much content lacks a customer-centric focus and fails to engage the reader.

Do you know when the last time a brief included: “make this post super boring, we don’t want anymore leads”?

Never — in the history of briefs. Ever.

I will do the research to ensure the accuracy of your content and anticipate the needs of your readers.

I will do the research to ensure your brand voice shines through like the Bat signal on a Gotham night.

And most importantly,

I will do the research to create content that your audience wants to read.

You need a writer?

I’ve got this.

B2B and Digital Marketing Freelance Writer

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